Genesee Valley Landowner Workshops

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Genesee Valley Conservancy and Livingston County Cooperative Extension are happy to bring you the Genesee Valley Landowner Workshops.  The Workshops are intended to provide landowners the opportunity to learn land management strategies and practices that will assist them in reaching their land ownership goals.  Seating is limited: Register Today!

Date: Wednesday, April 5, 2016

Time: 5:00pm - 9:15pm

Cost: $25/person, includes 3 workshops and dinner

Location: Genesee Valley Educational Partnership (BOCES), 100 Lackawanna Dr., Mount Morris NY

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You can attend one workshop per time slot.

5:00- 6:00pm

AVID - Assessing Vegetation Impacts From Deer Project

Kristi Sullivan, Cornell University

The effects of deer browsing on plants can have long-lasting effects that persist for decades. AVID is a method for volunteers, foresters, & landowners to Assess the Vegetation for Impacts from Deer on their land through a statewide database and with a soon to be released Smart Phone app.

Invasive Species:  Plants, Pests, and Native Lookalikes: The importance of keeping them out!

Patty Wakefield Brown, FL PRISM

This program will introduce participants to the issues that invasive species create across multiple landscapes. Participants in this program will learn about some of the area’s least wanted invasives and their impact to the environment, human health, and your budget.  We will cover the pathways for invasion and how to control some of the nastiest invaders.

Growing Mushrooms Outdoors on Logs

Don Gasiewicz, Cornell Extension

Whether growing mushrooms as a hobby or commercial production, this workshop will provide the information you need before getting started. Don will over the process of growing mushrooms outdoors on logs, specific log types for different mushroom species, tools required, care for success, and marketing. Discuss accessing supplies, videos, and resources.

6:00- 7:00pm

Dinner - Sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit and veggie tray, drinks and dessert

7:00- 8:00pm

The Green Lie – Interfering plants and strategies to select an effective treatment

Peter Smallidge, Cornell University

 The “Green Lie” is based on the assumption that just because your woodlot is “green” that all is fine.  The flaw is that not all trees are desirable, thus the lie. Peter will address how the Green Lie develops, how plants interfere with regeneration, and a variety of treatment options.

A Practical Guide to Controlling Invasive Plants: What Works and What Does Not.

Jim Engel, White Oaks Nursery

 Jim will share his experience & useful information that the  hands on landowner can use  in controlling many invasive species we have growing in the Genesee Valley region, including control practices, various equipment and tools and what practices work and do not work. And time for Q & A.

Going Green with Wind or Solar; What’s the next Step?

Chris Schaefer, Solar Wind FX

We will discuss where and how to pick an installer, the incentive and tax credits you may qualify for, dealing with your local utility and building inspector, locations for your solar/wind system and related equipment, and items to consider through out the installation process.

8:15- 9:15pm

Working With Foresters: Finding the Right One for You

Peter Smallidge, Cornell University

 There are different types of foresters and different ways to find a forester that fits with your needs and the needs of your land.  How do you find the right forester?  This presentation discusses the process a landowner should use to select a forester and what factors to consider to improve results.

Eco-Logic: Native Plants in the Landscape

Ken Parker, NYS Certified Nursery Landscape Professional

 Ken Parker is a Seneca native and North American native plant expert. Over twenty years he has participated in conservation, restoration, corporate landscaping, public education, marketing and consulting.  He will present on ecological landscape solutions that highlight North American plants for clay, dry, wet sites, shady gardens and wild edibles of NY State.

Solar Leasing on Ag Land

David Colligan, Colligan Law
Mike Saviola, NYS Ag & Markets

Presentation will discuss real property laws, taxation issues, and key leasing terms that landowners should be aware of when regarding leasing their land for potential development and the physical impacts as well as some of the resource-based considerations landowners need to take into account with projects of this nature.



*Commercial Solar Leasing

This free session "Solar Leasing on Agricultural Land" is provided in coordination with Farm Bureau and New York State Department of Ag & Markets.

Admission to just this single 8:15-9:15pm presentation is Free.  You may attend this session as part of the Workshops OR you may attendt his single session for free by signing up with Jennifer Damon at 991-5420.