Genesee Valley Landowner Workshops Announced

Genesee Valley Landowner Workshops Announced

iMarch 9, 2017

Speakers from the private and public sectors will join together to present on topics ranging including invasive and native species, forest management, growing mushrooms and solar energy at an upcoming event in Mount Morris. 

After the success of last year’s Genesee Valley Landowner Workshops, the event is again being organized by Genesee Valley Conservancy and Livingston County Cornell Cooperative Extension to assist landowners in the Genesee Valley with a variety of land management topics they may be facing on their property.

A total of nine workshops are scheduled in three concurrent sessions.  The workshops are organized into three tracts, although attendees can pick and choose any sessions they wish.

“Hearing about new practices and sharing successes and failures is an important way for landowners in the Genesee Valley to improve stewardship of their land” said Benjamin Gajewski, Executive Director of the Genesee Valley Conservancy.  “We are pleased to again be working with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Livingston County on offering this programing.”

The first track focuses on forest owners with topics on how to access deer browse, why a ‘green’ forest is not necessarily healthy, and how to select the right forester to work with.  These sessions are presented by Kristi Sullivan and Peter Smallidge from Cornell University.

A second track has three speakers on native and invasive species topics.  Patty Wakefield Brown will discuss her work with the Finger Lakes Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management and how landowners can identify and avoid harmful invasive species.  Jim Engel of White Oaks Nursey in Geneva will present on his hands-on work removing invasive species from properties.  Jim will teach attendees his method to remove a variety of invasive species in an effective and efficient manner.  Ken Parker, a Seneca native and certified nursey landscape professional, will speak on local native plants and how to select and use native plantings on your property.

The final tract this year includes an always popular presentation by Don Gasiewicz of Cornell Cooperative Extension on growing mushrooms outdoors.  Chris Schaefer of Solar Wind FX will discuss green energy systems that can support your residence and steps of the installation process.  Lastly, Livingston County Farm Bureau and New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets have coordinated a session titled “Solar Leasing on Agricultural Land.”  In this session, attorney David Colligan and Mike Saviola from Ag & Markets will discuss real-property law, taxation, key leasing terms, and physical impacts of solar development that individuals should be aware of when considering solar development on their property. 

The solar leasing session is very relevant locally as landowners have been receiving solicitations to lease their land for solar use.  This session can be attended as part of the workshops or individuals can attend this single 8:15-9:15 session for free.  Seat reservations are encouraged, due to room capacity limitations.

The Genesee Valley Landowner Workshops will be held at the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership (BOCES) facility on Lackawanna Drive in Mount Morris on April 5, from 5:00 – 9:15 pm.  The cost is $25 per person and includes dinner.

For details of each workshop offered and to register visit HERE.