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Railroad Bed Repair Project

Railroad Bed Repair Project

1/14/2016 - Updated

In July of 2014, heavy rains that reached a 100-year event level did extensive damage to the Railroad Bed Trail.  As of Fall 2015, the trail is fully functional again and aside from some plantings planned for 2016, the work on this project site is completed and the trail is ready to be enjoyed once again.  Smaller areas in need of improvement will continue to be worked into the Conservancy's annual efforts. 

Photos of the damage and repair are below:

Looking down the former trail at a large washout along a creek.  The hole measured 12ft wide by 12ft deep and was filled with debris immediately after the storm.

One of the retaining walls along the creek blew out, creating this mess that is blocking the creeks natural flow.

In January, Rob Banker began clearing the debris, removing the stones, and preparing the site for the rebuild.  The cost estimates for cleaning out and rebuilding this section are upwards of $25,000.  A $10,000 grant from the Livingston County Soil & Water Conservation District will help restore this creeks natural flow and prevent future erosion at this site.  Other funding is coming individual donors and the Conservancy's Preserve Maintenance Fund.

4/30/2015 - The washed out area is not cleared out, and the side of the trail exposed.  The next step will be to install the culvert and begin putting the trail back together.

4/30/2015 - A side view of the washout.  Some stones on the west side (straight ahead) still need to be removed, but the area is mostly cleared and ready to install a culvert.

8/24/2015 - A side view of the washout (almost same angle as above photo).  The new culvert is installed, packed in with stones, topped cinders for the trail surface.

8/24/2015 - A view from the south side of the washout looking north (similar to the winter photo above).  The new surface is a nice fine cinder that will be ideal for hiking, riding, or biking!

9/1/2015 - Seeding and straw was put down over the entire project area to help stabilize the loose soil and begin reestablishment of the area.  Seen here, a section of field used to help facilitate staging for the project.

9/1/2015 - It took 24 bales of straw to cover the site and prevent short-term erosion of the soil and seed.

11/5/2015 - Two months later the site was lush with green grass, the straw broken down and decomposed, and the trail looks appealing once again!

11/5/2015 - This view shows a smaller section further south that also required repairs, smoothing, and seeding.  The grass here is also well established and ready to go into winter.

11/5/2015 - The soils all around the new culvert area are being held firm with grass, ready for further re-growth in 2016.