Legacy Giving

Make the Genesee Valley part of your legacy!

Whether made during your lifetime or as part of your estate, a legacy gift is a one-time extraordinary contribution that propels conservation forward and will leave a lasting impact.  

No matter the size, a legacy gift can help initiate new projects, fund larger undertakings and increase the pace of conservation locally, protecting the places you love.

Types of Gifts

  • Cash
  • Stock
  • House & real-estate
  • Retirement accounts
  • Art & other collectibles

Potential Gift Uses

  • Stewardship Endowment (to fund ongoing stewardship needs of conservation easements and nature preserves)
  • Acquisition Fund (for acquiring new conservation easements and nature preserves)
  • Preserve Maintenance (to fund maintenance on our public nature preserves)

Making a Gift

An outright bequest of cash or securities is one of the simplest ways to give and often allows a donor to make a greater impact than they are able to with their annual contributions.  The donation of real-estate or a residence can also have a tremendous impact on Genesee Valley Conservancy’s conservation work.  Properties with significant natural resources may be protected by a conservation easement and sold to raise funds for conservation or it may be transformed into a nature preserve.  Real estate without conservation values (such as a residence) can be sold, raising significant funding for conservation work in the Genesee Valley.  

Consult your attorney and financial adviser on setting up a legacy gift.

For more information on including the Genesee Valley Conservancy in your estate plan and how the community will benefit from your gift, please call or email Benjamin Gajewski at the office.