Conservation Update: 82 acres protected along Jaycox Creek

Conservation Update: 82 acres protected along Jaycox Creek

iFebruary 6, 2015

Genesee Valley Conservancy is pleased to announce the protection of 82 acres of farm and pasture land by brothers Jeremy and Eric Grace.  A conservation easement was placed on the property which is located in the Genesee River watershed in the Town of Geneseo, Livingston County. 

This project contributes to an ever expanding area of conservation in the Nations Road Grassland, identified by National Audubon Society as an important bird area and by the New York State Open Space Plan as a priority area.  This area is where Genesee Valley Conservancy completed its first conservation project 25 years ago, and because of its importance, continues to work today. 

The conservation easement on this property allows the land to remain privately owned while restricting future residential, commercial, and industrial development in favor of conserving the open space, scenic views, and natural resources on the property.  The property is a major part of the viewshed seen while traveling north and south on Route 39 north of Geneseo and is also readily visible from the top of Nations Road.  The land is currently used as horse pasture as well as productive agricultural fields.  By protecting this property, Eric and Jeremy have helped preserve the rural character along this northern entrance to Geneseo.

In addition to helping maintain the rural character and scenic views, this project protects 2,700 feet of the southern branch of Jaycox Creek, an important tributary of the Genesee River.  The land is also adjacent to the northern branch of Jaycox Creek, providing an important buffer to a 200 foot bend in the creek.  Thanks to this project, Genesee Valley Conservancy now holds conservation easements on over 4.5 miles of contiguous land along Jaycox Creek starting at its connection with the Genesee River.

This conservation project is a critical addition to the lands already protected in the area.