Genesee Valley 100 Painting Gallery Now Open

Genesee Valley 100 Painting Gallery Now Open

iOctober 1, 2018

Our year-long art project is complete.  View works online or in person today!

>> View & Purchase Online Here

View in person at Silver Lake Brewing Project (Nov. 14- Dec. 30)

Throughout 2018 we distributed free canvases to artists and asked them to paint something inspired by the Genesee Valley.  The results have been fantastic.  110 final submissions were recieved from artists in 8 counties ranging from students to professionals.  Four schools/colleges participated in the project.

The original paints are on view at the Silver Lake Brewing Project:
Monday, Closed
Tuesday, Closed
Wednesday, 5pm to 9pm
Thursday, 5pm to 9pm
Friday, 4pm to 10pm
Saturday, 12pm to 10pm
Sunday, 12pm to 5pm