Oak Trees Planted in Geneseo

Oak Trees Planted in Geneseo

iNovember 23, 2017

Thanks to the generosity and foresight by Geneseo resident Sally Wood, ten white oak trees have been planted along roads in the town of Geneseo.

This week the Conservancy had 10 trees planted along public roads to provide visual and environmental benefits, for today, and decades to come.  The most prominent of these are five trees planted along Route 39 between Nations Road and Roots Tavern Road, an area with large gaps in roadside trees and where the existing trees are in severe states of decline.  Trees were also planted along the top of Nations Road and at the bottom of Roots Tavern Road where there were gaps between roadside trees.

While these trees are rather modest today, they will soon begin to reach the size and heights of their much older counterparts that are beloved by residents and visitors to the region.

Benefits of roadside trees
Roadside trees provide numerous benefits to the community.  Here are just a few examples:

     > Roadside trees create a visual buffer that naturally slows traffic speeds to keep our roads safer

     > Trees help reduce carbon dioxide and improve air quality

     > Birds and small mammals benefit from the food and shelter these trees provide

     > Roadside trees provide a barrier that reduces wind, dust, and snow across the road

     > People rate communities with tree-lined roads more positively than communities without

     > Roadside trees increase property values as they provide a visual buffer from a house of the road

     > Trees help slow storm runoff, erosion, and provide water filtration

     > The growing and planting of trees benefits several local businesses

Inspired?  Help us Plant a Roadside Tree in 2018
The Conservancy is able to purchase and have planted a 2-3 inch caliber tree (ie. 10-12 feet in height) for ~$400-500 depending on the species and available nursery stock.  Smaller contributions can be put toward a portion of a large tree or used for starting seedlings for restoration projects.