Protected Farmland Signs Appearing

Protected Farmland Signs Appearing

iDecember 26, 2017

Ardent observers in the towns of Avon, Geneseo, Leicester, Lima, and Rush may have noticed new signs installed just before the Christmas holiday proclaiming ‘Protected Farmland.’

Eight signs were recently installed by the Genesee Valley Conservancy to recognize the local farms that have been protected in partnership with the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets farmland protection program.

The highly competitive Agriculture and Markets program protects farms in the State to ensure the State’s most highly productive soils remain available for future generations and are not lost to development.

The newly installed green and white signs are cast aluminum and appear similar in style to the blue historic marker signs seen across New York State.  The resemblance is no accident.  These cast signs convey the permanence of these farmland protection projects and carry with them the understanding that something significant happened at that site.

Interested passersby can read the date, acreage, and family associated with the protected farmland, along with the local town and county that supported the farmland protection effort.

These signs appeared in Monroe and Livingston counties and represent over 6,800 acres of permanently protected farmland, some of the most productive in the entire State.

Genesee Valley Conservancy plans to install signs for future farmland projection projects that are currently in the works and are also sharing details of this sign project with peer organizations across the State.  Productive soils are an important part of the fabric of New York and the farms protecting these important resources deserve public recognition.


A portion of this project was funded be the New York State Conservation Partnership Program through the NYSDEC and the Land Trust Alliance.