State Employee Giving Campaign - SEFA

State Employee Giving Campaign - SEFA

iOctober 23, 2019

State employees can make direct gifts to Genesee Valley Conservancy through their payroll with the SEFA campaign. 

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Use organization code 66-00362 when filing out SEFA information.

Campaign is open October 24 - December 6 for 2020 giving pledges.

Benefits of SEFA:

   - By giving a small amount each pay period, you can give more generously than a one-time gift and you are supporting our work all year long

   - By receiving gifts from many donors through the SEFA campaign, the Conservancy raises money more cost effectively, meaning more dollars go straight into conservation programs and less into fundraising

   - Bundle your support of the Conservancy with the other charities you support through SEFA, saving you time and potentially forgetting to give to causes you care about