Stewardship Endowment Campaign Update

Stewardship Endowment Campaign Update

iSeptember 21, 2016

In June, an important effort to build a stewardship endowment to support the ongoing needs of the 16,400 acres of land protected by landowners locally with the Genesee Valley Conservancy was kicked-off at the Conservancy picnic.

We are pleased to provide an update that an additional $268,584 have been raised toward this effort.  This is in addition to the nearly $200,000 contributed by the board of directors and staff prior to the public-kickoff in June.

The additional quarter-million dollars brings the organization significantly closer to the goal of creating a $1.2 million endowment.  Reaching this goal is now in sight and it may be possible to successfully finish the campaign in 2016.

The Goal

The Stewardship Endowment Campaign was created to secure a long-term future for the important natural resources in the Genesee River watershed that the Genesee Valley Conservancy was formed to preserve and protect.

The Purpose

Some of the most important natural habitats, open spaces, and productive farmland in the Genesee Valley have been protected by landowners.  The Stewardship Endowment will help ensure the Genesee Valley Conservancy has sustaining funds to keep these places protected.

The Need

Twenty-five years of conservation success has resulted in a large annual stewardship responsibility. The cost of stewardship may soon limit our ability to protect new places.

The Future

Interest and dividends from the Stewardship Endowment will support ongoing land management and stewardship, freeing annual fundraising to protect new places. Much has been accomplished since 1990, but there are still critical properties unprotected and landowners ready to work with the Conservancy.

Your Support

will increase the pace of conservation in the Genesee Valley.  Once lost to development, land is lost forever.  Help ensure that critical habitat, recreational lands, and productive soils are set aside and remain intact for future generations.

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