What Inspires You?

What Inspires You?

iApril 4, 2018

Painters can be inspired by a sight, a sound, a smell.  An inspiration is all that is needed to participate in a unique community art project being led by Genesee Valley Conservancy this year. 

Free 12”x12” canvases are being distributed throughout the spring and summer to artists to produce a work inspired by the Genesee Valley.  Other than the inspiration, everything else is up to the artist.  The style, scene, and method will be determined by each individual artist and their unique creativity.

The goal of the project, titled Genesee Valley 100 for the number of canvases to be painted, is to showcase the many unique artists in the region while highlighting the beauty and significance of the Genesee Valley.

While several professional artists will be participating in the project, including Jim Mott who will be speaking April 19th at Wadsworth Library in Geneseo, the Conservancy hopes to attract hobbyists that may have never shown their work before. 

Walks and paint outs will be organized for those interested artists seeking some inspiration or guidance.  Works will be collected until October 20th and then displayed in digital and physical shows for the public before works are returned to the artists.

On April 19 at Wadsworth Library in Geneseo, nationally recognized artist Jim Mott will speak about his 18-year Itinerant Artist Project, through which he has traveled North America and exchanged original paintings for lodging.  Jim will show some of the 600 works he has produced during his stays in 35 states and Canada.

Jim will also discuss his newest project the Landscape Lottery, and will introduce the Genesee Valley 100 and engage those interested in participating. 

More information on Genesee Valley 100 can be found on the Conservancy website.  Artists interested should contact Jim with a brief description of their idea for the project and to arrange receiving their canvas.

This project is being supported in part by the Genesee Valley Council on the Arts grant program and Steuben Trust Company.

Details can be found here.