iAugust 11, 2019

We are pleased to share our Oak Tree Half Marathon Elite Field of runners that qualified for the Oak Tree Half with a half marathon or 10k qualifying time.  The field includes two past champions and 5 Oak Tree finishers.

The course offers an opportunity for all runners to see the leaders as they round the Geneseo Fountain and head back north toward Nations Road.


  Qualifying Time
Tim Chichester^ 1:10:53
Aaron Nobles 1:15:25
Andrew Dininny 1:18:45
Mike Bonarski 1:19:14
Adam Lang 1:22:28
Meg Luckner 1:23:18*
Conor Brady 1:23:47
Joseph Pellittieri 1:24:07
Zachary Hilt 1:24:30
Melissa Johnson-White^ 1:24:41
Matthew Roberts 1:25:21*
Sarah Danner 1:25:56
Dawn Sudol 1:26:52
Lizzy Mahoney 1:29:30

*10K qualifying time, projected to half marathon equivalent.
^2018 Oak Tree Champion