iJune 1, 2020

The Oak Tree Race is going solo this year and registration is open.  To minimize gathering of racers, volunteers, and race-workers, the Solo Oak Tree will be organized as an 'on-your-own-race' at a date and time of your choosing, but will take place on the scenic Oak Tree course!  Your reduced price entry will support local conservation efforts.  A complete list of runners and times will be published so you can see how your run stacks up against the competition. 

Special details for the Solo Oak Tree are below, search the Oak Tree website for further details on the course, etc.

Date & Time

You may run the Solo Oak Tree starting August 1 through September 7 (end of Labor Day Weekend)

Course Options

1) Run the Oak Tree 5k or Half course (the start and finish will be marked, details to be posted)
*Always run against traffic.  Follow the course map, but remain on the proper side of the road at all times. 

2) Run a 5k or Half at your own location (while we welcome your alternative course, your time will be marked with an asterisk to indicate you opted NOT to run up Nations Road hill...)

Double Solo Oak Tree - Discount!

Register for BOTH the Oak Tree Half and Oak Tree 5K and receive a $5 discount at checkout...the first-ever time you can register for both the Oak Tree Half and Oak Tree 5K.  Total fee will be just $40!

Submitting Your Time

Your time is due by September 7th at 11:59PM to

Run the course as many times as you like...but you can only submit 1 time for our official Unofficial 2020 Oak Tree Results.

Timing Rules

Everyone is asked to in good faith to time your run on the course just as you would be timed during a real-race.  Your watch starts, you start running.  You reach the finish line, your watch stops.  No stopping your watch for phone calls, to rub out a cramp...the clock keeps going! 

HOWEVER, there are two situations when you are authorized to stop your watch during your race and remain in-line with our 'good-faith' request at timing your own run:

1) Your watch can be stopped at road crossings to allow for normal road-rules.  Roads will be open, so pause to make sure intersections are clear before you run across!

2) Your watch can be stopped at self-dropped water stations to compensate for taking in hydration that would typically occur when you were running through a volunteer water station
*If you drop water along the course PLEASE return to pickup after yourself.


Registration is NOW OPEN (click here) and will remain open through September 7th online. 


We have slashed our typically low-cost-race so your run still supports local conservation efforts, but does not cover the expenses we won't have this year (t-shirts, food, police, bibs, timing, etc.).

Half Marathon: $35
5K: $10

*No price increases all summer!

Parking / Start-Finish Locations

Park in the Geneseo Central School lot during your run.  We are working with the school on drinking fountain and bathroom details...details to come

Starting Line: will be marked on the road-shoulder...walk to the starting line as you typically would...details to be posted

Finish line: the exact finish line on the track will be marked...further details to be posted


Last year, over 200 ash trees along the Oak Tree course died due to emerald ash borer, changing the beautiful roads on which the Oak Tree is run.  The Genesee Valley Conservancy is working with the Town of Geneseo and local landowners to replant a variety of native trees to help replace the loss so that future generations can enjoy the beauty that attracted so many to our race.  You can make a gift to this effort here.

It will take years - decades - before our replanting effort is fully realized: "A society grows great when people plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in."

Details are still being organized, but the effort will involve a mix of buying large trees (12-15ft) and having them professionally planted and smaller trees (<10ft) planted with volunteer help.  All donations made to the Solo Oak Tree will be put towards this project.  Lets re-plant the Oak Tree course for future generations of runners to enjoy!


We are fortunate to have MANY local sponsors supporting the Oak Tree and Conservancy...during these times when we are reminded about the benefits of local community, PLEASE support those listed on our website for your business.  Keep your money local.  Below is a running list of businesses and their current operating status. 

Tompkins Bank of Castile, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agencies - OPEN!  Drive-through or appointment only
GioVanna's Pizza and Pasta - OPEN! Pre-order phone/online orders
Once Again Nut Butter - OPEN!
Tom Jerris Masonry
Steed Energy - OPEN!
Dublin Corners Farm Brewery - OPEN!
Lee Chiropractic & Athletic Training
South of the Thruway Running Club - Running...
Cycle Craze - Closed
Howard Hanna
Alandscape & Design - OPEN!
Fit Club 24/7 - Closed
Genesee Valley Jeep - OPEN! By appointment only
The Duke Company
Lattimore Physical Therapy
Geneseo Chiropractic
Genesee Valley Hunt Races
Wegmans - OPEN! Reduced hours
Silver Lake Triathlon - Scheduled for 2021

Finisher Medal

A limited supply of Oak Tree Half finisher medals are available.  We ask ONLY first time Oak Tree Runners and those for whom a finisher medal is a 'sign-up or not' decision factor to request one during the registration process.  Medals will be available for pickup at our Geneseo office...please notify us ahead of time so we can coordinate a hand-off!


We are looking into pre-order 2020 T-Shirts for those interested for an additional charge.  Stay tuned.

In Summary

While it is greatly disappointing to skip a year of the Oak Tree Race, as it is typically run, our hope is to keep the spirit of the Oak Tree alive for runners and for the community with the expectation that we will convene together on September 5th, 2021 at 8am to run the Oak Tree again!

The Oak Tree is the Conservancy's largest fundraising event that supports our local conservation efforts.  By running the Solo Oak Tree and paying a reduced entry fee, you can continue to support local conservation efforts of Genesee Valley Conservancy despite changes in the race.  We are grateful to those who are able to continue to support this race and the Conservancy in 2020, but understand some many may not be in a position to do so this year - we welcome everyone to run the race and submit your time for 2020!