Not running? We encourage you to watch and cheer on Oak Tree runners anywhere along the course! View each course route and start time under the Event Info page.  Here are a few prime locations for easy spectator access:

Start/Finish Line viewing

Park at the Geneseo Central School and walk to the starting line to watch the start of both races. Stay at this location to watch both races pass through on their way north, or return to the Geneseo Central School to watch the finish.

To view the finish, a grandstand is located at the finish line on the track, or watch from nearly anywhere on the school grounds around the track.

On-Course viewing

Main Street is a convenient spot to watch both races pass through and provides plenty of parking.

If you are tracking a half marathon runner, the intersections of Roots Tavern Rd and Houston Road with Route 39 are the safest spots to catch a runner going by.

race spectators