Nature Preserves

  • Location: Geneseo, NY.

    3432 Jones Bridge Road: Park in the lot at the top of the road, the trails start from the parking area.

    Hours: Open daily between sun-up and sun-down.

    Access: Please remain on the established hiking trails. Keep dogs leashed or under voice control and clean up after them. Hunting, camping, motor vehicles, equestrian, and swimming are prohibited.

    Property Brochure + Trail Map

    Geocaching Sites:

    1. GC3BQ39

    2. GC58P4B

Indian Fort Nature Preserve

Indian Fort Nature Preserve

This 60 acre forest set adjacent to the Genesee River has a rich habitat and even richer history. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975, this unique property earned the nickname “Indian Fort” as it was once home to two wooden fence structures, or palisades, built by the Onon:dowa’ga:’ (pronounced: Oh-n’own-dough-wahgah), known today as the Seneca. This site is unusual in that only two sides were palisaded; the north and south approaches were naturally protected by naturally occurring deep ravines. Today visitors can explore the same deep ravines utilized by the Onon:dowa’ga:’, gullies with creeks, a small pond, and access to the Genesee River for fishing and small crafts on two miles of public hiking trails.

The property’s unique cultural features, visible geology, and diverse botany, have also made it an ideal location for a research reserve, used frequently by local universities and schools for research and class projects. Please contact the Genesee Valley Conservancy if you are interested in learning more about conducting research or educational visits to the property.

This nature preserve was made possible by an anonymous donor and a 2011 NYS Conservation Partnership Program grant through the Land Trust Alliance.