Nature Preserves

  • Location: Geneseo, NY. The property has two access points:

    8 Cavalry Drive (vehicle and walking access): 20ft east of the intersection with Route 39, park on the side of Cavalry Drive next to the trailhead sign.

    Lima Road (walking access only): At 213 Lima Road, a trailhead sign is in a lawn area. From the sign, head straight through the clump of trees and to the corner of the preserve.

    Hours: Open daily between sun-up and sun-down.

    Access: Please remain on the established hiking trails. Keep dogs leashed and clean up after them. Hunting, camping, and motor vehicles are prohibited.

    Property Brochure + Trail Map

    Geocaching Sites:

    1. GCWHG5

Island Preserve

Island Preserve

This 40 acre nature preserve consists of an ‘island’ of forest surrounded by grassland fields. Previously under agricultural use, the property now hosts native grasses that serve as a habitat for birds and other wildlife surrounding the 3.5 acre woodlot. With 1.3 of walking trails, The John W. Chanler Island Preserve is ideal for low impact recreation such as hiking and geocaching.

The preserve is conveniently located within the Village of Geneseo across from Geneseo Central School and is frequently used by students for educational visits and research.

This nature preserve was donated to the Genesee Valley Conservancy by siblings Oliver Chanler and Elizabeth Chatwin in 2004 as part of a project to hybridize a managed green space with a limited housing development. In 2009 the preserve was dedicated in memory of Oliver and Elizabeth’s brother, John W. Chanler, an avid supporter and founding Board member of the Genesee Valley Conservancy.