• Genesee Valley 100 - Community Painting Project

    Genesee Valley 100 - Community Painting Project

  • Office Upgrades: Going Solar

    Office Upgrades: Going Solar

  • Genesee Valley Conservancy Protects Old Acres Farm

    Genesee Valley Conservancy Protects Old Acres Farm

Go Exploring at our Protected Preserves

Mill Creek Nature Preserve

Two branches of Mill Creek cross this 48 acre forested property which features brook and brown trout. In 2019, the Conservancy will be putting together a management plan and establishing public uses for the property. Explore more ➞

Indian Fort Nature Preserve

This 60 acre forest set adjacent to the Genesee River has a rich habitat and even richer history. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975, this unique property earned the nickname “Indian Fort” as it was once home to two wooden fence structures, or palisades, built by the Onon:dowa'ga:'. Explore more ➞

Island Preserve

This 40 acre nature preserve consists of an 'island' of forest surrounded by grassland fields. Previously under agricultural use, the property now hosts native grasses that serve as a habitat for birds and other wildlife surrounding the 3.5 acre woodlot. Explore more ➞


Support the Genesee Valley Conservancy

By volunteering, donating and many other support actions you can make a difference!


  • Genesee Valley 100 - 2019

    The Genesee Valley 100: Community Photography Project was the second iteration of this art exhibit first launched in 2018 as an innovative way to connect the community with the landscapes…

  • Office Upgrades: Going Solar

    Historic 1 Main Street, build in 1835, has received its most recent modernization this fall with the addition of solar panels to provide clean electricity.

    Video at bottom of this…

  • Genesee Valley Conservancy Protects Old Acres Farm

    Located on the rolling hills between Leicester and Perry, the Smithgall family has protected 1,316 acres of highly productive and scenic farmland with Genesee Valley Conservancy.

    Four conservation easements placed…


Are you a landowner?

From farmers to scenic property owners, woodlot managers to owners of land with wildlife habitats, the Genesee Valley Conservancy works with landowners who want to ensure that the natural resources that make their property, and the Genesee Valley region, special are conserved according to their wishes throughout time.

Conservation Easements

One of the main tools the Genesee Valley Conservancy utilizes to protect important natural resources on privately owned property is a legal agreement called a conservation easement.
Learn more ➞

Transfers of Property

The Genesee Valley Conservancy also works with landowners interested in transferring ownership of their property for conservation purposes.
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